Things To Do In Nashville

In the beginning, Nashville was a small town with a big city vibe, but everyday we are getting bigger and bigger! With such a multitude of options for food, art, music, and nightlife, there is so much that could be put on this list.

As a start to beginning your Nashville experience, let us suggest just a couple places and give you more resources to find more fun things to do:

Hot Chicken Restaurants:

Unique Museums and Monuments:

Beer, Cider, and Cocktails:

Nashville Favorite Restaurants:

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants:

Tea, Desserts, and more:

Have more Nashville greats we need to add to our list? Need another recommendation for a different category that we didn’t mention like where to find Nashville unicorns? Did you visit one of our suggestions and want to tell us about it? Tweet us @PyTennessee!