PyTennessee 2019 Schedule

Young Coders

The Young Coders program will run on Saturday only. It will begin at approximately 9am and last until sometime between 4-4:30pm. Anyone with a ticket to the Young Coders program is welcome to return to the conference on Sunday and enjoy the talks, but there is no Young Coders content on Sunday.


Time Auditorium Room 100 Room 200 Room 300
8:00am Registration/Breakfast
8:45am Welcome/Announcements (Auditorium Only)
9:00am Opening Keynote
How running from zombies is the same as market behaviors
Jacqueline Kazil (Auditorium Only)
10:00am Break
10:15am 2 + six = 3 or how to migrate your SaaS to Python 3 without downtime!
Anthony Fox
Introduction to Face Processing with Computer Vision
Gabriel Bianconi
Python & InfluxDB for Time Series Analysis
Noah Crowley
Intro to Python
Grishma Jena
11:00am Break
11:15am Making Games
Piper Thunstrom
Identifying influencers via Slack Messages in Python using Network Analysis and NLP
Eva Sasson
JWT Authentication with Django
Viral Parmar
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Responder: a Familiar Web Service Framework
Kenneth Reitz
Let's choose Kaizen instead of "The Rewrite"
Brandon Williams
Stop Using JSON Web Tokens
Randall Degges
No Student Left Behind! A session for true beginners who want to learn Python/Django
Deanna and Justina Vickers
1:45pm Break
2:00pm asyncio: We Did It Wrong
Lynn Root
Getting started with Deep Learning: Using Keras & Numpy to detect voice disorders
Deborah and Sebastian Hanus
Browser Automation with Python
Miguel Tannous
2:45pm Break
3:00pm Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask about Data Classes
Casey Faist
Safety and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves
Jessica Katz
IoT to the Database Soldering, ORDS, Oracle Jet, Python and a little PL/SQL
Blaine Carter
Using Tests as a Tool to Wrangle Legacy Projects
Jason Swett
3:45pm Break
4:00pm Lightning Talks (Auditorium Only)
4:45pm Announcements (Auditorium Only)

Saturday Evening

PyTN Game Night is back again this year! Come join us from 6-9pm at the Campaign Monitor Bistro for a night of board games and fun with other PyTN attendees!

For more information about PyTN Game Night, please checkout our Game Night information page.

PyTN Game Night is sponsored by Campaign Monitor, so a huge thank you to them for their generous support of PyTN 2019!


Time Auditorium Room 100 Room 200 Room 300
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Python and the Web Thing API
K Lars Lohn
Civic Engagement with Data Science
Alexander Poon
Making Pytest Your Batman
Josh Kelley
9:45am Break
10:00am Blame: In search of the root causes of software failures
Jason Orendorff
To comment or not to comment? Conflicting attitudes towards commenting and beginner pain
Veronica Hanus
Instrumenting Python for Production
Brian Pitts
A hands-on introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python
Grishma Jena
11:00am Building scalable API with microservices using Python
Natalie Sererbyakova
Taming Styles of Python Programming
Jigyasa Grover
Cloud Made Simple with Serverless Python
Belinda Vennam
11:45am Break
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Small Scale Deployments on AWS
Ernst Haagsman
Deep Learning like a Viking - Building Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras
Guy Royse
A Taxonomy of Decorators A-E
Andy Fundinger
Deep Learning For Folks Without (or With!) a Ph.D.
Douglas Starnes
1:45pm Break
2:00pm Let's Build an ORM
Greg Back
Search Logs + Machine Learning = Auto-Tagging Inventory
John Berryman
Hear the whispers from a yappy Pi-hole
Jeremy Young
2:45pm Break
3:00pm Closing Keynote
Choosing The Adventurous Route: The Career Track For Non-Managers
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis (Auditorium Only)
4:00pm Raffle / Thank you / Goodbye (Auditorium Only)