Browser Automation with Python


This talk will teach you how to use Selenium and Tkinter to build a simple script with an interface to automate tasks on the browser like: extract data, input data and interact with the elements on the website. Afterwards, you should be able to build your own script to automate different tasks.

Talk Description

There are different ways to use and find elements in these tools. We are going to show and explain how they work and how they can be used with different strategies.

This talk assumes you are familiar with basic python syntax.

One of the biggest changes in Selenium recently has been the inclusion of the WebDriver API. This driver gives us the power to automate tasks for the browser natively — just as a user would — allowing us to interact with and extract the elements of the browser. To achieve this goal it is necessary to do a little bit of scraping on the websites, but this is where the fun really begins. I will teach some tricks on how we can complete the same task through different ways, or different tasks through the same way.

With Tkinter, we will learn how to make a simple and easy interface for our python script, making it more dynamic and general so we can use it without changing too much code.

About the Talk

About the Author

I’m a Software Developer with experience in 3D Design and Game Development and I have a short story to share. Ever since I was young I’ve always loved music, but I wasn’t content to just listen to it - I wanted to make music, so I started playing the drums and quickly fell in love with the creative process. Shortly after that I became an avid gamer, only to again realize I didn’t just want to play video games - I wanted to develop them. Next came my passion for software development. Once more I desired to be the creator as opposed to the end user of a product or software. The point I’m trying to make is this: whether I’m playing music or writing code, I always get the same deep sense of self-satisfaction, that pushes me to think outside the box and create new worlds for people everywhere to explore. This is what pushed me to make the best of all my software projects without being afraid of unknown languages or even built my own microcontrollers.