Information for PyTN Speakers

The PyTennessee venue is a school, so is reasonably well set up for speakers. Each room has a podium in the front of the room with screen projection above the speaker’s head. The seating in most rooms is stadium seating (the only exception is Room 400, which is used mostly for Tutorials). Power is available at each podium, but PyTennessee does not provide power adapters by default. We may have a few extras floating around, and we can certainly help you source one if you forgot yours.

A/V in the Talk/Tutorial Rooms

Rooms are well set up for speakers to give their talks without amplification, but microphones will be provided in each room in case the speaker would like to use one, or the audience needs the speaker to use one.

The speaking rooms are already set up for HDMI and VGA connections, but if your computer doesn’t have those ports, the conference will provide the following A/V adapters:

If you require an adapter that isn’t listed above, or you need any other special accommodations for your talk, please let the organizers know.

Internet Access for Speakers

The venue provides wireless internet, however, it is sometimes the case that connectivity can be spotty due to an oversaturated network. It is highly recommended that your not require internet access to function, or that you have an offline strategy for your talk if the wifi isn’t cooperating. If your talk or tutorial requires packages be installed, please bring a USB thumb drive or some other mechanism to distribute the necessary materials.

Quiet Room

If you need a quiet place to sit and run through your talk or just want somewhere that’s away from the rest of the conference attendees, PyTennessee will have a quiet room available for your use. If you have any questions about the quiet room while at the conference, please find an organizer and they will be happy to answer them for you.