Three Young Coders attendees helping each other solve a problem

Young Coders

Young Coders is a day-long programming education program for approximately 10-15 children ages 13-17. The best candidates for the Young Coders program are children interested in learning how to program, but who haven’t had (or don’t have) the opportunity to get dedicated instruction.

PyTennessee understands that computers don’t grow on trees and don’t want the lack of a computer to be a roadblock to attending Young Coders. Therefore, PyTennessee provides each Young Coder with a computer to use during the program that they get to keep when the program is finished. In addition to the computer, breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day are provided to all Young Coders. And if getting to or from the venue presents a financial burden, please send an email to the PyTennessee organizers and we will cover transportation costs.

Over the course of the day the program covers the basics of programming using Python as the teaching language. The children will learn to use the basic data types and control structures the language provides, as well as how to set up a simple project. By the time the Young Coder leaves for the day, they should feel confident in their ability to pick up and run with Python.

Tickets for the Young Coders program are free, first-come-first-serve, and unfortunately limited. The tickets for the Young Coders will go on sale separately from the General Admission tickets. We will make a number of posts on our Twitter feed leading up to the Young Coders on sale, so please keep an eye out for that.

If you have any questions about the Young Coders program, please reach out to our organizers.