Cloud Made Simple with Serverless Python


This talk will explore Serverless applications for python programmers. Serverless promises a number of benefits to developers, and this talk will cover some of those benefits as well as give the audience enough information to get started running Serverless python right away.

Talk Description

Have you heard of Serverless, and are excited about the various promises? Dreaming of a world where you don’t need to manage servers, you get horizontal scaling out of the box, you only pay for the cycles you actually use, and ultimately you only concern yourself with providing direct business value? All of this sounds great, but how do you actually get started? What makes your problem a good fit for a Serverless solution?

In this talk we’ll explore the following topics:

Attendees should walk away with a solid foundation as well as some initial steps they can take to get started with their own Serverless explorations.

About the Talk

About the Author

I'm a software engineer with professional experience in technical, leadership, and management roles, as well as volunteer experience in Central America. I'm currently a developer advocate for the IBM Cloud, with a focus on IBM Cloud Functions, our Serverless solution. I love to travel, run, and to learn and share about what's happening in the Cloud!