No Student Left Behind! A session for true beginners who want to learn Python/Django


Newbie mother and daughter coders will walk you through how to create your first Django web app. You'll learn how to set up an environment in the terminal and start building a small application as a code-along exercise. We'll discuss the history and uses of Python/Django too.

Talk Description

Do you want to learn Python but find most “beginner” books and talks too advanced? We are making no assumptions about your knowledge and plan to provide as much background and detail from a true beginner’s perspective, because we are beginners ourselves. Bring your laptop so you can code right along with us. We’ll start with an introduction to what Python is and why it was created and then show you how to install Python and Django and build a simple web application.

About the Talk

About the Author

We are a mother and daughter coding team and we're new at it! Deanna (mom) just graduated from Nashville Software School and Justina (daughter) is a current student. We're both really energized by the welcoming community of tech in Nashville and want to make 'giving back' a part of our journey from the very beginning. Throughout our short time of learning so far, we have noticed many tutorials and books that are aimed at beginners go right above the heads of most beginners. We are highly empathetic, super friendly and very motivated to help others. Our goal is to encourage and support all beginners and keep people from quitting before they even get going. There's no better time for us to identify what qualifies as "beginner" then right now while we are learning it for the first time. When we're not studying together, we are planning outdoor adventures, listening to music and doing arts and crafts.