Building scalable API with microservices using Python


Talk is about how to build an API, and do it with microservices. This talk will cover example how to build scalable Python microservices with Flask and Gunicorn(or any other WSGI server) to serve HTTP requests.

Talk Description

Many companies are moving from monolithic models to microservice architectures. Microservices refers to an architectural style for developing applications. Using microservices will help to build small and independent components that perform a specific API call. This talk will contain a proposal of how easily build scalable microservices with Python. The talk will cover how to setup and run the simplest possible example with Python 3, Flask, WSGI server and other recent technologies like (Docker, Kubernetess, etc)

About the Talk

About the Author

My name is Natalie. I'm a Software Engineer. Currently working in the Infrastructure Team at Reddit in San Francisco. If I have time I also enjoy working on building and automating various tools that help our development team be more productive and happy. I think a fun fact about myself I consider myself one of not many engineers out there who worked on the highest number of Build And Release Systems. (because I really enjoy making things better in the Software Release Processes at any company I work) My number is 16! and What is yours? Occasionally I blog or speak at the conferences. The main reason that I write, both blog posts and open source software, is to learn. You put your ideas and opinions out there, in the open, and give the opportunity for people to give a feedback, criticize you so you can become better. In my spare time, I like to hike or camp with my aussiedoodle Chai, bake cakes and, as I mentioned above, blog Thank you