PyTN 2019 Speaker Series: Belinda Vennam

Belinda Vennam is a PyTN conference speaker presenting a talk on Cloud Made Simple with Serverless Python at PyTN 2019. We are thrilled to have Belinda as a speaker, and share the enthusiasm for Python and PyTN 2019 below!

Belinda Vennam

What have you been working on lately that you’re excited about? (It can totally be non-tech related!) Most recently I’ve been working in the serverless space, both through contributions to the OpenWhisk project as well as through some exploration of the Knative project. I’m excited to see how the serverless & containers spaces will come together to enable cloud developers to create better solutions faster.

What’s a way that you think the Python community has grown that you didn’t expect? Where do you think the Python community/ecosystem could develop further? I’m not a core member of the Python community, but I recently attended North Bay Python 2018 and was very impressed with the commitment to diversity and inclusion from that particular conference. I’m hoping that’s a staple at all Python conferences!

Do you have any advice for getting the most out of a technology conference? Plan Ahead! I love having a personal plan and schedule before going into a particular conference. Look at the schedule to see what talks are available, and then do a little bit of research on the speaker and content. Highlight talks that are very important to you so you can ensure you show up to those a little bit early and get a good seat. Oh, and try to attend a couple of talks outside of your comfort zone – you may learn something totally new you didn’t know you needed to know!

How hot do you like your hot chicken, and for how many meals are you going to eat it while you’re here? Medium-Hot? Hot, but not too hot? At least once!