PyTN 2019 Speaker Series: Jeremy Young

Jeremy Young is a PyTN conference speaker presenting a talk on Hear The Whispers From a Yappy PiHole at PyTN 2019. We are thrilled to have Jeremy as a speaker, and share the enthusiasm for Python and PyTN 2019 below!

What have you been working on lately that you’re excited about? (It can totally be non-tech related!)

I’ve been working on a tool with some teammates to use Python for testing our infrastructure in the cloud. We wanted to be careful to not reimplement our infrastructure as code tool by testing the same configuration our declarative tool has already been tasked with putting in place. Instead, opting to do more meaningful testing with a language as powerful, approachable and flexible as Python means our less-experienced teammates can contribute to the testing of our environments as things change. Ultimately this allows us to better practice the collaborative culture we want at Asurion!

What’s a way that you think the Python community has grown that you didn’t expect? Where do you think the Python community/ecosystem could develop further?

It’s awesome but surprising how data science in Python has grown. I see so many use cases for automating some low hanging fruit in traditional Ops and Security tasks because of this growth that the Python community could really be a resource to lots of enterprises. A nice open-source project, framework or example that could be used for making better use of data science for Ops and Security would be wonderful!

What are some of the learning resources you’d suggest to newcomers to the Python language?

I really enjoy learning a new language by learning while solving a problem on the job. Having a tangible experience to attach my learning to helps me retain it so much better than following some else’s “hello world” and is much more fun than solving what I think of as homework problems.

How hot do you like your hot chicken, and for how many meals are you going to eat it while you’re here?

I’m a Hattie B’s fan and usually order Damn Hot. That’s about as hot as I can handle. At Prince’s I’ve had 1X hot before and paid for it later :-D

Do you have any advice for getting the most out of a technology conference?

The most important facet to getting the most out of a tech conference is putting your phone, camera and other distraction devices away and taking the time to listen to the talks, meet people and ask questions of the impressive set of speakers that are in attendance. Recordings or transcripts are almost always made available after the conference is over so don’t waste time taking pictures of slides. Take the time to listen to what’s being explained and actually understanding that slide or diagram.

Have you ever been to Nashville? If so, is there anything you recommend first timers do while they’re here? If not, is there anything you’re excited to see or do while you’re here?

I’ve lived in the Nashville area for the last 9 years and love it here. We’re definitely Music City with lots of great venues to visit for taking in a live show. There are still, though, so many other great restaurants besides our famous Hot Chicken places that will give you something else to remember about Nashville. Some of my favorites are Farm House, Martin’s BBQ, Pharmacy Burger and Mas Tacos Por Favor.