PyTN 2019 Speaker Series: Miguel Tannous

Miguel Tannous is a PyTN conference speaker presenting a talk on Browser Automation with Python at PyTN 2019. We are thrilled to have Miguel as a speaker, and share the enthusiasm for Python and PyTN 2019 below!

Miguel Tannous

What have you been working on lately that you’re excited about?

Myself, along with the team of Reponic L.L.C We have being working in some cool projects in which we use Browser Automation combined with Machine Learning to improve our systems and take the best out of our projects.

What’s a way that you think the Python community has grown that you didn’t expect? Where do you think the Python community/ecosystem could develop further?

To be honest, I have been around the python world for couple of years so far. I have done and assist to some Python Events and every time that I go to one of them I am happy to see more people. The best thing is that I know that those people really appreciate the value of such a beautiful language and the possibilities that it brings with it.

What are some of the learning resources you’d suggest to newcomers to the Python language?

The first thing that I would recommend is people. There’s nothing better than the support that we can give to each other. But besides that I would say that research on any of the search engines. Sit on your computer, think about a project that you want to work on, and do research. Don’t be afraid of think “No, I should know that, I am not going to look for that”. It doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t remember if Python uses semicolons or not.

How hot do you like your hot chicken, and for how many meals are you going to eat it while you’re here?

The hotter, the better. I will eat them until the event ends.

Have you ever been to Nashville? If so, is there anything you recommend first timers do while they’re here? If not, is there anything you’re excited to see or do while you’re here?

I have never been in Nashville, but I always like to research a place before visit it. I saw that Nashville have a great culture as well as great people. So I am excited about that. The behavior of the people says a lot about a place. The good thing is that to every person that I have mention that I will go to Nashville, they all have good things to say about it.