PyTN 2019 Speaker Series: Jackie Kazil

Jackie Kazil is one of our two keynote speakers presenting a talk at PyTN 2019. We are thrilled to have Jackie as a speaker, and share the enthusiasm for Python and PyTN 2019 below!

Jackie Kazil

I can’t believe I am writing this, but I have been excited about writing my Ph.D proposal and dissertation. I have a newfound clarity that I was lacking before. The topic of my Ph.D is agent-based modeling in Python with the center being the library that I created.

What are some of the learning resources you’d suggest to newcomers to the Python language?

Recently, I have been reading through Python PEPs for fun. This is not just for beginners, but for all experience levels. To me PEPs tell you a lot about the history of a language and logic behind some of the structures that currently exist.

How hot do you like your hot chicken, and for how many meals are you going to eat it while you’re here?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where one is not hot and 10 is unbearable, I like my chicken at about a solid 6 to 7.

Do you have any advice for getting the most out of a technology conference?

If you are new to conferences, pace yourself. Don’t try to attend something every session. You will burn out. Take a session off and attend the hallway track and meet some new people.

If conferences are old hat, then make sure you are actively attending. It is easy to be physically present, but to still be virtually at work. Set boundaries. Pick out your favorite sessions and make sure you don’t miss them.

Don’t rely on video that might exist afterwards. You probably won’t watch it.